10-06-2021  BURgcam REC 3511

Multi-function recording system

BURGcam REC 3511

BURGcam REC PRO Videorekorder NVR XVR DVR

System Info

As operators strive for ever higher resolutions, the cost of storage and transmission media has also increased. By means of the efficient H.265+/H.265 codecs, the required bit rate can be significantly reduced and at the same time the video quality, even with high-resolution surveillance, can be ensured.

The recorder is optimized for low budget projects. It offers a great solution for users with limited budget who need both quality and performance. With the introduction of Smart H.265+/H.265, encoding efficiency also improves. This saves bandwidth, as well as storage costs and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In particular, the universal recorder supports real-time HD-CVI technology, in addition to network IP technology, for many time-critical requirements.

Mixed systems from IP cameras via AHD / CVI / TVI up to analog CVBS cameras can be operated. If the recorder is operated as a pure NVR, 2 additional IP channels can be activated in addition to the 4 basic channels.

The system is of course compatible with the free BURGcloud and the also free BURGcam PRO app for Android and iOS smartphones.

The system is delivered including mounting material for a 3.5" hard disk (not included), power supply unit, USB mouse and network cable.


Smart H.265+

Smart Codec, H.265+ can reduce bitrate and storage requirements by up to 90% compared to H.264 without the need to invest in new cameras. Analog, AHD, CVI and TVI cameras are supported and stored efficiently by the system.

HD-CVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS Auto Detection

The BURGcam REC can automatically detect the signal from the front camera without any setting required. This makes the operation more friendly and convenient.


High Definition Camera Input

The recorder supports up to 5MP HD-CVI cameras and 6MP IP cameras on the input side.

Coaxial Audio/Upgrade/Alarm

The multi-sinal transmission (video / audio / alarm / updates / OSD control / PTZ) through one wire pair can drastically reduce the wiring cost and makes the installation more cost-effective and convenient.

Long distance transmission - for long distances

HD-CVI system supports long distance transmission via coaxial cable and UTP, max 700m for 4K/4MP, 800m for 1080P and 1200m for 720P.

Intelligent video system (IVS) with integrated video analysis (IVA) for AHD / CVI / TVI / Analog (BNC inputs)

With the integrated intelligent video analysis, the BURGcam REC 3511 is able to detect and analyze moving objects to perform a classification (person / vehicle). For this purpose, it offers optionally selectable basic AI intelligence, which detects objects by recognizing object behavior, e.g. objects left behind or removed. IVA also includes tripwire analysis, which allows the camera to detect when a predetermined virtual line has been crossed.

Face recognition

This technology is mostly used to identify people, e.g. at security barriers or access points to secure areas.

Intelligent search in recordings

This function helps you to track changes in an image section in the shortest possible time in recordings taken by motion detection. This is a real plus, especially for longer recordings.

BURGcam REC 3511

The combination with BURG-WÄCHTER BURGcam cameras and SANTEC BW cameras allows a mix of low-cost and high-end. Convince yourself.

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