14-11-2021  RoyalNight++: Night in color

Full Color, Color View, Royal Night++
Full Color, Color View, Royal Night++

Winter - The dark season

Many burglaries and vandalism damages take place at this time of year, between 22:00 and 06:00, especially when no one is home. To protect property, alarm systems and conventional cameras are often used to catch intruders. However, one shortcoming of alarm systems is that they do not sound the alarm until a break-in has already occurred. By the time residents call the police or security guards arrive on the scene, the perpetrator can flee, leaving damage and uncertainty for property owners. Despite installed technology, law enforcement officers are sometimes powerless, because especially with older camera models, perpetrators are not easy to identify on black-and-white images. Cameras with low-light sensors in particular often deliver only blurred images. This rightly causes resentment and occasionally victims panic when their cameras send alarm notifications or hope to catch a repeat offender, even though it may only be recurring, harmless false alarms caused by animals or vegetation. The use of AI video analytics can help minimize false alarms in this case, helping to rebuild trust.

Full Color, Color View, Royal Night++

> Our recommendation: Use Royal Night++ cameras from BURG-GUARD.

AI Video analytics on Board

AI algorithms for targeted detection of persons and vehicles efficiently prevent false alarms thanks to high-performance signal processors. The licenses of the video analysis algorithms are pre-installed by us ex works. This saves time during installation and setup and thus minimizes costs. If you have any questions about the optimal setup, our support team will be happy to assist you by phone, e-mail, call-in or on-site service.

If unauthorized persons should nevertheless venture closer to the building, they can be automatically taught better by alarm tones, blue light, announcements, active addressing, e.g. via BURGcam PRO app. This is made possible by the integrated loudspeaker and microphone. RoyalNight++ cameras also have a high-resolution and high-intensity color sensor which, supported by the camera's white light emitters, provides color images by day and night. The white light deters potential perpetrators, as they are less able to approach the building unnoticed. Optionally, RoyalNight++ cameras can also be connected to other systems, such as alarm systems, via audio and alarm inputs/outputs.

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The cameras are available immediately in the housing types BallEye (BWNC-442RECF)  and Bullet (BWNC-442RBCF)

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